Transformer Testing

Quality Assurance Department is well equipped with the required infrastructure to carryout the routine tests of transformers of various ratings ranging from 5 kVA to 10000 kVA in the class up to 66 KV. The tests include.


Factory tests includes, but are not limited to, the following :

  • Resistance measurement of all windings.
  • Ratio, polarity and phase sequence.
  • Polarity and phase relation test
  • Test to determine no-load losses at rated voltage and frequency
  • Excitation current at rated voltage and frequency
  • Impedance voltage and load loss measurement
  • Induced potential tests of insulating oil
  • No Load current and losses at service voltage and formal frequency
  • Load losses at rated current and normal frequency
  • Insulation resistance
  • Induced over voltage withstand test.
  • Separate source voltage withstand test.
  • Unbalanced current measurement
Type Tests
  • 1. Short Circuit Test
  • 2. Impulse Voltage Withstand Test
  • 3. Temperature Rise Test
  • 4. Tan Delta Test
  • 5. Noise Level Measurement
Standards Followed:
Oil Cooled Transformer – IS 2026, IEC 60076, ANSI C 57
Dry Type Transformer – IS 11171, IEC 726, ANSI C 12 01