Power Transformers

power transformer manufacturers

danish Power Transformers are known for delivering excellent performance. The expert R&D team develops one of the most advanced designs to withstand short-circuit and impulse voltage tests.

  • Robust design to take care of frequent short circuits
  • Excellent process of shrinkage and drying of coils resulting in a sturdy construction
  • Step-up and Step-down transformers manufactured
  • Manufactured with prime CRGO using step-lap design for low losses
  • Various ratings type tested from NABL accredited labs
power transformers manufacturers

Technical Specifications
Ratings bullet-arrow 3 phase, upto 33 kV 20000 kVA
Frequency bullet-arrow 50/60 Hz
Applicable Standards bullet-arrow IS 2026, IEC 76, ANSI.C.57, as per customer requirement
Winding bullet-arrow Copper
Insulating Fluid bullet-arrow Mineral Oil, both inhibited & uninhibited, as per IS/IEC
Cooling bullet-arrow ONAN, ONAF
Class of Insulation bullet-arrow Class A
Tap Changer bullet-arrow OCTC, OLTC, as per customer requirement


Standard Accessories :
Rating & Diagram Plate | HV & LV Bushings with fittings | Pressure Relief Device | Lifting & Jacking Lugs | Grounding Terminals
Silica-gel Breather | Filter Valve | Off Circuit Tap Changer | Earthing Terminals | Thermometer Pockets | Oil Level Indicator | Double Float Buchholz Relay | Magnetic Oil Level Gauge | Conservator | Marshalling Box | Oil Temperature Indicator | Winding Temperature Indicator | Inspection Cover | Terminal Connectors


Optional Accessories :
On Load Tap Changer with RTCC | Siphon Thermo Filter | Arcing Horns

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